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UCalgary Sport Medicine Centre

The University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre's mission is to be a world leader in advancing the art and science of sport medicine through excellent programs of education, research and patient care.

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The UCalgary Sport Medicine Centre has conducted and been in involved in research projects both in the past and present. These research projects have been crucial to the development of the speciality clinics and to improving clinic practices for patient care.

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Olympic Legacy

The Sport Medicine Centre opened just prior to the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, when it first served as the Olympic Village medical clinic. We opened our doors to all athletes and the Calgary community in 1989 and have always been proud of our Olympic roots.

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Varsity Athletics

The sport medicine centre provides on-field and in-clinic care to our Dinos Varsity Athletes through our Sport Medicine Centre physicians and our Athletic Therapists.

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Orthopedic Surgeons: 403-220-5077

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