Joint Health Information

Joint health information about knees, hips and shoulders from our past public education lectures.


Know Your Knees

The knee is a complex joint that permits bending, flexing, and rotation. It is also a relatively simple joint to diagnose. The Sport Medicine Centre's first public lecture was focused on tips for managing knee pain.


Tips for Hips

The hip is a ball and socket joint and is one of the largest joints in the body. We rely on it for its stability. Tips on managing and treating hip pain were presented by our team of physicians, surgeons and physiotherapists.


Shoulder Check

In a world of computers and cell phones, repetitive motions put a lot of stress on our shoulders. However, shoulder pain is often manageable with non-operative methods. We provide tips on how to check your shoulder pain.

Check out the Patient Info section for tips on recovery from concussion, shoulder injuries and more