Soccer playing for Sport Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre

Acute Sport Injury Clinic

For any type of injury that occurred while you were doing a sport or exercise activity within the last six weeks. 

What is the Acute Sport Injury Clinic?

The Acute Sport Injury Clinic (or ASIC), was developed to help you with an injury that occurred while doing a sport or exercise activity. You can access specialist level care without needing a referral from another healthcare provider. If you have sustained an activity-related injury within the past six weeks, visit one of our sport medicine physicians for an assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Benefits include:

  • improved access to diagnose your problem to determine the most appropriate treatment
  • more timely access to specialist level care
  • fewer unnecessary tests, diagnostic images and treatments




The ASIC uses a web-based screening questionnaire to gather patient injury information to identify patient needs prior to a visit.


Who should visit the clinic?

You may be a candidate if you meet the following conditions:

  • you are five years of age or older
  • you have filled out an online screening questionnaire
  • you do not have any obvious fractures or open wounds (please seek emergency care for these conditions)

Please note, ASIC is not for work-related injuries (WCB) or injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident (MVA).

Is there a cost for visits?

There is no direct cost for patients to access the clinic for the initial assessment or for follow-up appointments if you have Alberta or other provincial health care. Provincial health care also covers the cost of all necessary test and diagnostic imaging. You will only have to pay for your visits if you do not have provincial health care. 

Although there is no cost for your assessment or follow-up visits with your sport medicine physician, your treatment plan may include fees that are not covered by provincial health care such as bracing and physiotherapy.

Ready to take the on-line screening questionnaire?  

If you are ready to begin, let us assess what you need by filling out the screening questionnaire. Based on your responses, we will email you instructions on how to book your appointment with the ASIC or suggest alternative assessment options.  

How to Prepare for an Acute Sport Injury Clinic Appointment

Arrive on time

Please arrive on time and check in at the front desk of the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre.

Bring your health care card

Please bring your Alberta (or other provincial) Healthcare card and extended health insurance coverage information (if any).

Bring shorts or a tank top

Please bring a pair of shorts for a lower body injury or a tank top for an upper body injury.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment


You will be seen by two healthcare providers: a non-physician expert and a sport medicine physician.

Your initial appointment will take 60 to 90 minutes and will include a thorough history and physical examination and if needed, X-rays.

Once your exam is complete, we will provide you with a management plan. If necessary, we will refer you for rehabilitation, bracing, further diagnostic imaging or to an orthopedic surgeon.

We do not perform treatments or surgery, but we will refer you to the right place for your injury.