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A Multidisciplinary Team of Sport Medicine Professionals

Over the better part of the last three decades, the Sport Medicine Centre has establish itself as a leader in education, research and clinical practice. Our experts travel Canada and the world teaching the next generation of physicians, surgeons, and therapists the lessons we have learned. Our research constantly advances the art and science of sport medicine, and our standard of clinical care delivers and evaluates the best possible outcomes for patients.

Meet our Team Members

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Our physiotherapists have travelled Canada and the world practicing physiotherapy with everyone from Olympic to recreational athletes. They have advanced training to provide a treatment tailored for you.

Meet our physiotherapists.


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Massage Therapists

Our massage therapist can help ease the discomfort of everyday and occupational stresses, over-used muscles and many pain conditions. Massage therapy is an excellent way to prevent injury and maintain your health. 

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Our nutritionists are registered dieticians and can help tailor a nutrition plan just for you. They can help improve sport performance, increase energy levels, manage weight, help with eating disorders and so much more.

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Sport Medicine Physicians

Our sport medicine physicians are leaders in their field. They can help you improve your function and performance - whether you are returning to your sport or activity or improving your general health.

Meet our sport medicine doctors

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Orthopedic Surgeons

Our orthopedic surgeons have access to the latest research, on-site X-rays and interdisciplinary team members to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat injuries, disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Meet our orthopedic surgeons

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Athletic Therapists

Our certified athletic therapists provide injury assessments, rehabilitation and injury prevention services for the university’s varsity teams. Treatments are tailored to meet the needs of each athlete.

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Non-physician Experts

Our non-physician experts are also certified athletic therapists. They work as a team with our sport medicine doctors. They evaluate, manage and prevent injuries using evidence-based methods.

Meet our non-physician experts.   

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