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Speciality Clinics

Integrated care for elite and recreational athletes on campus and in the community.


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Acute Knee Injury Clinic

The Acute Knee Injury Clinic (AKIC) was established to quickly and accurately evaluate and diagnose knee injuries that may need further treatment, management, diagnostic testing or surgical intervention. Learn More

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Acute Sport Concussion Clinic

The Acute Sport Concussion Clinic (ASCC) was established in the Sport Medicine Centre to provide timely, evidence-based care for people who may have suffered a concussion while participating in a sport. Learn More

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Knee Osteoarthritis Clinic

The Knee Osteoarthritis Clinic was established to provide patients with a confirmed diagnosis and to develop a personalized and thorough non-operative treatment plan to improve knee function and quality of life. Learn More

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Shoulder Clinic

The Shoulder Clinic was created to quickly and accurately assess shoulder pain that may need further treatment or a surgical referral. Many people in Alberta are referred to see a surgeon for their shoulder pain, but the wait times can be very long. Learn More

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Acute Sport Injury Clinic

The Acute Sport Injury Clinic was developed to help with any type of injury that occurred while doing a sport or exercise activity. The clinic is for injuries that occurred within the past six weeks. Learn more.

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