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Lauren Buchardt

Lauren Buchardt, MA, BA, BA.

Lauren Buchardt is a registered provisional psychologist specializing in clinical and counselling psychology. She has a keen interest in sports medicine and sports psychology. She joined the Sport Medicine Centre following her clinical training in Montreal, where she gained experience in both university and private practice settings. Lauren is committed to assisting athletes and clients in fostering mental health and well-being and achieving their most valued goals.

In her clinical practice, Lauren aims to create a warm, caring, and non-judgmental environment, allowing clients to express themselves fully. She employs cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches, working collaboratively with clients to tailor solutions to their individual needs. Her focus areas include reducing anxiety and stress, enhancing the mind-body relationship, overcoming depression and burnout, and navigating life transitions. She is particularly interested in helping athletes develop a healthier relationship with their bodies and sports.

Lauren has a background as a classical ballet dancer. She graduated from Canada's National Ballet School and danced professionally with the Dutch National Ballet, Cork City Ballet, and various Montreal-based companies. She has also taught ballet and Pilates for eight years, and taught children Brain Science. Beyond her clinical work, she enjoys live performances, art, swimming, hiking, being in nature, and exploring new dance styles.

Education: Lauren holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University. Her clinical training was completed at Medipsy Psychological Services. Additionally, she earned a B.A. in Dance from the Amsterdam School of the Arts.